These rules are also inside so I hope you are reading them since i've put them up twice. Can't say you didn't see them. ( ^.^)

1. It should be obvious, if not Iíll state it: BE 18 OR OLDER. Contains graphic scenes.
2. No insults. If you donít like it donít read it. I like to be nice to others so be nice back.
3. Stealing!? If I find anyone stealing my stories and artwork (please report if you find anything) without my permission or credit I shall send my bishi army. I may even take everything down if there is no credit. So be careful.
4. Can I post your stuff else where? Doujinshi with permission and credit yes. Originals no.
5. Ask for downloads? Iím not sure if Iím going to even make it download-able. So for now donít ask.
6. Asking when _____ís next chapter coming out. Please donít. I am doing almost 4 stories at the same time while trying to get others finished. So asking will only get the *shoulder shrug* response. If I find a story is more popular then others (i.e amount of comments on it) I may focus more on that one.
7. Comments please. Once you become a member I would be very grateful if you comment a little. Even if itís : ďcanít wait for the next chapterĒ or ďthank youĒ Iíll be happy.
8. Check the rules and faqs often (Iíll make announcements too) for they may change.


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Before you Dive in...

There is something you must know. This is a place for those who enjoy my stories. Since it is for the most part a closed registration and you've gone through the trouble to sign up. Please be mindful of the rules. I would heartbroken to find my stories stolen by someone who I personally added as a user. Please enjoy your stay.


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