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Because the server I have the site on at the moment, you cannot self register. So I will manually add you myself for the time being. Don't worry. I won't give your email out to anyone nor any information that you send me. It's my site after all why would I compromise it? So here we go.
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Your first name is not needed but if you want to put it in you can. Know that your password is case sensitive. Wait for a day to receive a message saying that you have been added and any instructions. Please enjoy your stay!

Small legal note.
By signing up to my website you are acknowledging that you are 18 years or older. You are also agreeing to the Rules/Faqs (hope you've reead them). I am not responsible for those who are lying about their age. All material is copyrighted by me (NocturnalKami) unless otherwise stated.


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There is something you must know. This is a place for those who enjoy my stories. Since it is for the most part a closed registration and you've gone through the trouble to sign up. Please be mindful of the rules. I would heartbroken to find my stories stolen by someone who I personally added as a user. Please enjoy your stay.


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